Sunday 22 January 2017

DCC RPG Character Sheets

Of course there is nothing wrong
with it if you like it olde skewl.
There are plenty of character sheets for DCC RPG with a wide variety of unique features and created in very diverse styles. Two more probably won't hurt. I was looking for something a little more mundane and functional that also has Matt Rundle's Anti-Hammerspace item tracking system, but I didn't find any to my liking. So I dusted off Inkscape and created one based on older sheets I had been working on. I thought they were pretty darn good! Then my girlfriend intervened, told me what's crap and why, so I had to overhaul it several times.

In the end I have created two versions: one with the classic item trackes, and one for those who don't like writing or drawing into boxes. These are class-neutral character sheets, no charts for Lay Hands or wizard spells - feel free to either use the Abilities & Notes box, or the other side of the sheet for that. I hope you will find them useful!

A4 DCC RPG character sheet with boxes
A4 DCC RPG character sheet with lines
A4 DCC RPG character sheet with lines (form fillable)


  1. Poor Olaf became immortal, tho how hard he wanted to die. :D

  2. Thank you, sir, for the character sheets!

  3. Thanks so much for this! and your inclusive text for the anti-hammerspace writeup.

    1. You're welcome! As for the Anti-Hammerspace, it is such a neat and simple idea, and fits DCC RPG (which has no default encumbrance system) like a glove. It begged to be put on the character sheet.