Saturday, 6 May 2017

Zweihänder Character Sheets

A WFRP which isn't WFRP?
Must be Malal's work!
Last week saw the arrival of the illustrated rulebook for Zweihänder, which I have already talked about when its KickStarter campaign launched. It might be six months late, but it's finally here, sitting on my hardrive in all its grim and perilous glory. I haven't been this excited for an rpg for years! I love Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay. I love the Old World. A game that modernizes the system and captures the mood of the original setting sounded like a dream come true. Can a small team accomplish that? Was it worth waiting for Zweihänder? Will it become my go-to rpg for grimdark adventures?

I will answer the above questions in a review. I did waste four afternoons to create a character sheet for the game though, which probably tells something. I tried to combine my favorite elements from all the WFRP character sheets I like, while also trying to make the sheet as cartridge-friendly as possible. I hope you will find it useful! Form-fillable version is coming soon.

A4 landscape character sheet for Zweihänder
A4 landscape character sheet for Zweihander (no watermark)
A4 landscape form fillable character sheet for Zweihänder

Update #1: Rumor and Warfare skills have been added, and Movement's calculation is now AB+3 as it should be. The former means less space for skill focuses.

Update #2: The bottom line of the Grimoire was longer than should be, it has been shortened. Form fillable version has been uploaded.

Update #3: Links removed from form fillable pdf.

Update #4: Watermarkless version uploaded.


  1. Hi there, I really like this character sheet, and plan to use it in an upcoming Zweihänder campaign. However, when this sheet is printed, the text "Zweihänder Grim & Perilous RPG" is also printed across the middle of both pages. This is quite annoying, especially for the Talents and Background sections.

    Is there any chance you can upload a version of this great sheet without the Zweihänder logo across the middle? If you must put it somewhere, I would suggest removing the word "Characteristics", pushing the Characteristics themselves down slightly, and putting "Zweihänder" up at the top left of the first page only. Does that make sense?

    Anyway, let me reiterate that I really, really like this sheet - thanks for making and sharing it!

    1. The character sheet already had space issues - and still has, my inventory turned out too small. That's what you get when you try to put everything on two pages, especially everything relevant to the session on the first page. I didn't find any good place for the logo, so I put it in the background. It's a very light watermark, much lighter than pens and pencils, so it didn't bother anyone from my group.

      Still, since removing it and making a new pdf took like five minutes I did a watermarkless version. Just don't ask me to make it form-fillable, I don't have the patience for that right now (it's a real pain in the ass). Have fun! :)

  2. Perfect! I kind of hoped you had a layer with the watermark. Anyway, no worries about the FF version - I wanted this to print out. In fact FF sheets are mostly used online, so the watermark wouldn't matter.

    Anyway, thanks very much!!

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  4. Some minor remarks - the sheet has a typo, "Imperield" where it ought to be "Imperiled"; also, the use of capitalisation in "Wounded" seems to be inconsistent (cf. Lightly vs. e.g. Moderately). Other than that, kudos on really nice and practical sheets.