Wednesday 2 March 2016

Cleaning Up

To remove all the clutter (or I can say, ghosts of the past) I have exported the old posts and removed them from the blog. I find it unlikely anyone will miss them, but if I'm wrong just drop me a mail and I can send the exported xml file. But I think whoever reads the blog is more interested about what's coming, not how did I get rid of old campaign material.

Despite not having a DCC RPG campaign at the moment I still can't ignore this old-school masterpiece, and thus can't resist writing up pages of ideas for it in my exercise book while travelling. Some of my favorite topics are still classes, hybrid classes, and non-race-as-class races, so expect something about those in the near future.

I have a bunch of short adventures that I ran in my campaigns, and on conventions. Some of them are as small as an encounter in a shipwreck, others are as big as an abandoned city of frog people. It would be a pity to let these fade away - and some of them are literally fading away because I was stupid enough to use pencil when writing them down!

Me and my girlfriend are also working on a small project. It has something to do with D&D 5e, DM's Guild, and answering such important questions as what happens to the corpse of a slain dragon, what do the undead drink when they want to forget the past, and how can we make one of the most basic tropes of fantasy adventures more interesting... Stay tuned!