Tuesday 20 November 2018

Looking for Oldhammer Miniatures?

One of the first minis I was satisfied with. Would order it again
so I can do it with a better paintjob.
I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who uses miniatures for his Warhammer RPG campaigns. I'm also pretty sure many Oldhammer fans are familiar with Tim Prow's name. I only started painting miniatures last summer, and after I was fed up with the quality of the early Reaper Bones miniatures I had I ordered a bunch of metals from Ral Partha Europe. Among them was a Heartbreaker Ratman Leader sculpted by Tim Prow, which not only looked stunning, but was a joy to work with.

In the last few years Tim Prow has been sculpting both fantasy and sci-fi Oldhammer miniatures that could be bought through Kickstarter campaigns or private messages - until now. Today his new webshop has opened its gates, and has some fine old-school slanns, undead, familiars, chaos minions, space dwarves, et al. Time to reduce my painting backlog, so I can get some Eru-Kin Mag Gun Unit I've been eyeing with since August.