Thursday 29 February 2024

[Update] Irons in the Fire

How it felt cutting the
umbilical cord.
With the birth of my daughter and my son being in his Terrible Twos, my life is once again in turmoil. I hope we!re going to reach a point where we adapt or no longer give a crap about the current situation in a few months. In the meantime I'll spend my limited free time with the following:

  • Mordschlag: Since we're done with Death's Dark Shadow and on the threshold of a new chapter, it is about time I analysed player feedback and overhauled the mechanics. One thing everyone agreed on was that they like random hit locations rolling for damage. I'm also thinking about reintroducing some of WFRP1e's lost characteristics and introducing a more freeform skill system.
  • Eremus: Because I got extremely bored of running Old-School Essentials and wanted to referee something that isn't D&D, I converted the Eremus campaign to Mythras. In-game the changes were explained by a cataclysmic event that started messing up the setting. After four sessions we decided to finish the campaign using Mythras. I had the opportunity to run the campaign's penultimate adventure again after a major overhaul on Kalandorok Társasága using OpenQuest. It was a blazing fast and endlessly amusing session.
  • Dragonbane: I'm aching to give this game finally a shot. I have a lot of issues with some of its design decisions, but I fucking love this game and its community. I'm planning to run a conversion of Legendary Duck Tower as a Jaquays memorial game once I'm done with one of the above campaigns. Once have some actual experience, I'll definitely write a proper review for Dragonbane.
I don't dare to plan more for this year. I'll do my best to blog about all the above though, so get ready for more house rules, conversion notes, and even less reviews.

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