Tuesday 12 September 2017

Christmas in September

It feels so good to find a package on your office desk after an exhausting meeting! The long anticipated ZWEIHÄNDER rulebook has finally arrived, and it's just as magnificent as it was promised. It's heavy, sturdy, and beautiful. The tome happened to arrive just in time: Saturday will be the first session of my new campaign in Warhemmar's Old World, using the ZWEIHÄNDER ruleset. The only question is whether I should call this blasphemous union Zweihammer, or Warhänder.

You will really need two hands to wield it.

Speaking of first session, I've spent far less time on preparations than I expected. Character creation went quickly for everyone so far, and converting the old module I'm going to use didn't take much effort either. This is also my first campaign where I'm going to heavily use miniatures and tokens. One of my players is still working on his one-legged ogre hedgewise, while the other spent a few hours on sculpting himself a hobbit tavern brawler from greenstuff. Hopefully their characters will survive, and their work were not in vain.

If he can't beat the crap out of someone with a stool, he is going to call
his Spess Mehreen drink buddies.

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