Thursday 5 April 2018

The Sophisticated Barbarian Rises!

Pretty accurate representation.
I met Chomy seven years ago during the afterparty of the first Random Encounters rpg convention, where we realized that we have at least two things in common: we both liked beer, and considered Therion the best band ever. That was enough for me to put him on my "cool guys" list, but of course that's not all what makes him noteworthy. He is a veteran by Hungarian standars: he started playing in the nineties with AD&D2e, ran almost every edition, helped organizing several conventions, and still referees multiple campaigns. Lately he started lamenting about all the stuff gathering dust in his drawers - both unused notes, and homebrews he has already run before. Well, it seems the stars are right, for last weekend he got his shit together, and started revamping and translating them. The first one is already available on his brand new blog: The Sophisticated Barbarian. Fingers crossed his enthusiasm won't dwindle!

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  1. Thanks for the kind words, dude! I'll get you a beer. ;)