Friday 11 May 2018

HackMaster in Bundle of Holding

The pdfs might be not as gorgeous as the hardcover,
but at least they have the errata included.
HackMaster 5e is my all-time favorite fantasy heartbreaker. The pinnacle of old-school game design, it mixes the classic D&D gameplay with detailed character creation and a more realistic combat system. It sounds like something right from the late eighties, right?

It's a game I love, but didn't run or play for years now. Fortunately this is going to change soon: during the summer I'm going to start a campaign using Frandor's Keep, In the Realm of the Elm King, and probably a conversion of Quest for the Unknown. Fingers crossed my players will like both the borderlands, and the crunchy combat.

Meanwhile Bundle of Holding has launched two Kenzer & Co for the Knights of the Dinner Table comics where the game originates from, and another for some HackMaster rulebooks and supplements of the current edition. The latter contains not only the core books, but the above mentioned Frandor's Keep, the two Elm King adventures, and the first two Zealot's Guides. If you want to get involved with the game, now is the time!

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