Monday 13 April 2020

Raise Dead

New corner, same old shit.
Working from home office and having a four day long Easter holiday might seem like a lot of free time on paper, but in practice I didn't experience that. Work was busy as usual, and thanks to the restrictions on movement we decided that it's time to bring forward moving with my girlfriend, before the restrictions get even more serious. After all the shit was done I needed some rest, so the one thing related to rpgs I did was painting miniatures.

Now that I'm used to my new environment it's start to get back to rpgs. While my main campaigns are on halt, we discussed running some tetriary one-shots on roll20. The group decided on X-Plorers, a simple and stupid sci-fi variant of OD&D. I'll also get back on posting house rules and content from my Eremus campaign, but first I have to finish is the Cha'alt review, before Venger puts a curse on me that makes my junk grow spines and spit acid or something.

Stay tuned, stay healthy, and Happy Easter everyone!


  1. I shall stay my warlock hands another week, hoss.

  2. X-Plorers and Terminal Space are such forgotten gems.

    1. X-Plorers is on my top list of forgotten OSR gems, along with Delving Deeper. My only gripe with the game is the lack of resources to generate sectors, planets, or other content. Fortunately I can use Stars Without Number or Traveller for that.