Saturday 23 March 2019

Grim and Perilous Goodies

The post office must have sensed I was considering kicking
down the door on them when they delivered all of these.
A few weeks ago the Dunkeldorf Kickstarter (which I interviewed Nicki about) has launched, and was funded within the blink of an eye. The original goal was surpassed ten times, new stretch goals are revealed at a steady pace, and the campaign is still far from over - so in case you were hesitating to jump on the bandwagon or not, it's still not too late to make up your mind.

As classy as they are, King Games sent me a promotional package, which arrived on the 27th of February. Thank you very much again! Also kudos for the Hungarian post office for delivering my stuff only a few days later than expected - the Lulu order I also received that day was around two weeks late. The little black box contained the early casts for Herman the burgomeister, Gunther the barber surgeon, Berta the ratcatcher, plus some stickers and leaflets.

A crap photo of the triumvirate. NSFW because of Herman.
I gave away Herman and Gunther to friends, and had plans to paint Bertha, but as usual, life found a way to hinder me in doing anything fun with my free time, so all I can give you are some shitty photos. I love them. The sculpts are great, they are full of character without being overly detailed. Herman is probably the best in this regard, with his obese body, double chin, smug face, and bulging codpiece. My favorites though are the small rats hanging from Helga's man-catcher (or rat-catcher?) and belt - painting them will be challenging, but I'm persistent in doing such small details, probably to compensate for my lack of skill. Despite being from a test run the minis were light on seamlines and had no flash.

Dejan's art delivers as usual.
ZWEIHÄNDER is on a roll too. The MAIN GUACHE pdf has been updated with art. Like the core book its a thing to behold, and full of content - mostly of the crunchy kind: professions, equipment, vehicle rules, alchemy, spells, mutations, etc. There is a lot about daemons too, but interestingly no new monsters. Expect an in-depth review in the near-future (hopefully I can do it in a single post this time). Grim & Perilous Studios also announced that the ZWEIHÄNDER family expands with yet another game besides Tetsubo in the future: Colonial Gothic. While neither of them is my cup of tea, I welcome this trend - covering more ground and styles is exactly what I would like to see from Cubicle-7 too.

Speaking of Cubicle-7... While my ZWEIHÄNDER campaign is crawling, the WFRP4e campaign I'm playing in seems to be pickig up pace as our party of three (the elf wizard, the bounty hunter, and the flagellant) are trying to make a living in Übersreik. It's a well balanced company: the elf has some cool spells, my bounty hunter is good at fighting, while the flagellant is an excellent cannon fodder - in the least two adventures he was pulled from the sewers back to the shallyans while leaving a red trail of blood on the cobble stones after being backstabbed by a goblin, was almost torn apart by undead wolves during his berserker rage, and lost a toe too. Thank Sigmar the worst I had was a wound infection! Time to tie up some loose ends and leave for Marienburg.

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