Monday 28 November 2022

[Kickstarter] Open for Simplicity

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After my gushing about OpenQuest (even made a character sheet for it while practicing Affinity), I think it's no surprise, that I'm excited about Newt Newport's newest project, which is simply called SimpleQuest. The Kickstarter launched just recently, and if you are quick enough, you can catch the early bird pledge, or be an early bird that catches the pledge worm, or whatever. Once again, there is an option for both dirt cheap print on demand booklet and for a quality sewn printing.

SimpleQuest is a small format, lighter iteration of OpenQuest. The biggest difference mechanically seems to be swapping out the original three magic systems with the unified MP-less One Magic System already introduced in the OpenQuest Companion, otherwise it mostly focuses on trimming down the rules, content, and stat blocks. I won't delve depper into the details about about the differences between the two games, because there is already a preview for a book and a comparison with OpenQuest on the Kickstarter page.

In several ways it seems to be closer to what OpenQuest 3e was intended to look like, before the author decided to stay truer to the roots for the anniversary.  With Dragonbane and SimpleQuest in the pipeline, 2023 already promises to be a good year for fans of BRP and its derivatives.


  1. This looks really interesting. I'm a big fan of the Warhammer percentile systems but I think they're just too complicated for my current group. I had a look at OpenQuest but even it seemed a bit more complicated than necessary with the multiple magic systems etc.

    Looks like I missed the kickstarter but I'll definitely get this POD

    1. The multiple magic systems of OpenQuest are more added content, than added complexity. Still, OQ3e does have some stuff I can live without, like the social combat system or some of the maneuvers.

      It's interesting you mention Warhammer rpgs, because I've been hacking together something based on them that's lighter, but still has more substance - mainly to finish our earlier Zweihänder campaign. We're going to have our first session in two weeks.

    2. The first games I enjoyed were the warhammer percentile games, WFRP2 and Deathwatch in particular but my current group really leans more towards a rules-light style of play.

      I'm about to run a game using Warpstar, which is rules-light with the flavour of warhammer but not really the rules of it. I'm very eager to find a simple percentile system and OpenQuest looks really good but Simple Quest might be even better for me.